This past Thursday, we had the privilege to go to Ruii Primary School in Nakuru, Kenya and present the gospel of Jesus Christ through gospel illusions. We were able to speak to 1,052 children at this school. They were very attentive and well behaved. The school is close to one of the slums in Nakuru.

Some of the students came to school in their bare feet, having NO shoes to wear.

We are very fortunate to be able to speak to so many children about Jesus Christ here in Kenya. We have schools lined up to speak at for the next several weeks. This could easily be a full time ministry. The need is so great here in Kenya. As of date, we have spoken to 13,804 children.

Our goal is to speak to over 20,000 children in Nakuru County before we buy land somewhere in Kenya and move. Please pray for us as each week we are traveling all over Kenya looking at various plots of land.

Also, please pray for us as we speak at various churches throughout the month and also do leadership conferences throughout Kenya. We are also very busy at purchasing school clothes and supplies as well as paying school fees for needy children here in Kenya. These school clothes and supplies will allow these children to be able to get an education and hopefully be a success in life.

Please continue to pray for us as we continue to look for land and minister to the needy children here in Kenya.

Join The 800 Club and for just $20 a month help us help children who are desperately needy.

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